Silent Green

June 2019, Villa Renata, Basel.

Silent Green is the working title for a group exhibition inspired by the philosophy of landscape gardener Gilles Clément.

Ideas/works of quiet contemplation and observation exist simultaneously with an urgency to envision a future where our human presence in the world is on a more equal footing with our non-human cohabitants, plants, animals, earth, sea and sky. The exhibition includes artists whose practice explore our human relationships with nature at a time when food production and global consumption are accelerating at an unsustainable rate.

Silent Green aims to bring the whole body back into the nature of viewing, using colour, poetry, scale and humour to elicit feeling and provoke thought, It invites the viewer, through the works of the artists, to form new and intriguing connections and conversations with the natural world.

As with the work of Gilles Clément where the growth of the plants and the changing biodiversity of the landscape determine the path taken by the gardener, so the works in the exhibition are resolved and find their places in the unique setting of the house and garden of the Villa Renata.